Thank you to everyone who made the Universal Arts Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 so fantastic, we're looking forward to seeing you next year!





Twenty Five Years


Welcome to Universal Arts Festival – our 25th year on the Fringe. We’re proud to be at the heart of this, the biggest live arts festival in the world.



New Town Theatre (venue 7) | Hill Street Solo Theatre (venue 41) | Hill Street Drama Lodge (venue 41a) | venue150@eicc



“Universal Arts is a crucial part of the fabric of the Fringe, bringing music, theatre and dance from all over the world” The Herald


We are international producers, agents and promoters based in Edinburgh. We programme and manage two prestigious Edinburgh festival venues located in the heart of the city – the NEW TOWN THEATRE and HILL STREET SOLO THEATRE and, this year, we also present the spectacular Philharmonic of Wit at the EICC and, in collaboration with Edinburgh’s own In Your Face Theatre Company two thrilling, visceral shows for HILL STREET DRAMA LODGE.


Over the previous twenty-four festivals, we have introduced literally thousands of artists from around the world to UK audiences. We have brought companies to Edinburgh from over 40 countries, making audiences laugh or cry but always striving to create a first-rate theatre experience. This year you can enjoy ancient sit-down comedy from Japan,  contemporary vaudeville circus from France,  a love story for Scotland from Russia,  cutting edge performance from Japan, magical drama from Brazil,  the return of big hits – Princess Pumpalot, and Silence in Court (accompanied by the all new Conflict in Court), late evening musical variety shows and the second Hill Street Solo Theatre programme … we hope to welcome you to one or all of our venues.


Tomek Borkowy, Artistic Director


“dedicated to quality” Daily Telegraph


“a long record of welcoming quality international work” The List


HERALD ARCHANGEL AWARD WINNERS 2009 for 20-year track record of top international theatre at the Fringe


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